“Thanks Daniel! You were very fast and thorough. I appreciate your work.”
- Raha L.
- September 30, 2015


“Second time Dan has done my tax returns – excellent service, very responsive. Have recommended him to my colleagues ”
- Jonathan W
- September 28, 2015


“It was great working with Dan! Super easy to use this service looking forward to doing my taxes next year!”
- Samuel P.
- September 15, 2015


- James H.
- June 11, 2015


“Dan was a life saver. I moved abroad last year and had no idea where to start on my taxes and had even gotten some other CPAs to take a look – some of which said I would owe $1,000s! Dan put me at ease and was able to navigate my situation expertly – I even ended up getting a refund. I would highly recommend him and will definitely be coming back to have him do my taxes for years to come! ”
- Tyler T.
- June 09, 2015


“Very happy and satisfied with the work performed by Mr. Dagley. Will definitely use him again in the future! ”
- Reyes N.
- April 23, 2015


“I completed my own tax returns for the past 7 years using Turbo Tax. This year we had some complexities that really required a professional to handle (ex: depreciation recapture on sold home that was rented out). I wasn’t sure what to expect using the Personal Pro function, but we really lucked out with Dan. He was extremely responsive, easily able to assess our tax situation, and very willing to walk through his analyses so I understood the tax implications before going forward. Will definitely work with him again in the future! ”
- Brian
- April 22, 2015


“In the past I did my taxes by myself, because of a special situation this year, I had to use a tax professional. After working with Dan, I am having second thoughts about doing my taxes by myself in the future. Dan was knowledgeable and very responsive. The only delay was cause by me not supplying the requested info with the same kind of urgency.. Thanks Dan for a job well done.”
- Malon B.
- April 18, 2015


“A huge help! Responded over the weekend and provided prompt, accurate filing information. Saved me a LOT of money. We highly recommend Dan and have already asked him for 2015 tax year assistance. ”
- Karen G.
- April 16, 2015


“I had to change CPA this year so was looking forward to finding someone new but I am glad I found Dan. He went above and beyond the call and he obviously knows his trade, very receptive, great work.”
- Scott C.
- April 15, 2015


“Dan was a great choice in finding a knowledgeable and professional CPA to complete my taxes. I had a lot of questions and he was more than happy to spend the time to answer them as well and inform me of additional potential write-offs within my profession. He completed my taxes in a very timely manner and maximized my refund. I am very happy and highly recommend him to anyone, no matter how complex your taxes may be. I will definitely be using him again in the future. ”
- Matt M.
- April 15, 2015


“Daniel was highly responsive but there were small errors in his work which could have saved me time.”
- Lakshmi V.
- April 14, 2015


“Daniel is knowledgeable and very responsive. This is my first time using Turbo personal pro and everything has been smooth so far. Will revisit my review once I actually got my taxes back!”
- Chang L.
- April 14, 2015


“Great working with Dan very helpful and went the extra mile to make sure everything was accounted for.”
- Kristen S.
- April 13, 2015


“I needed to file an amended return. Daniel responded promptly and my taxes were ready to refile in just a few days. ”
- Catherine B.
- April 13, 2015


“Daniel is extremely professional, helpful and kind. It was a great pleasure to work with him and will most definitely return to him next time I need to file my taxes in the US. ”
- Clotilde P.
- April 11, 2015


“He did a great job. He was quick, professional, and courteous. Two thumbs up!”
- Davis D.
- April 11, 2015


“Great service! Highly recommended!!!”
- Ivana C.
- April 10, 2015


“Daniel was very helpful and was also able to explain the reason for doing certain things which adds an educational (and peace of mind) value to the experience of filing taxes with him.”
- Pablo J.
- April 10, 2015


“Daniel was a pleasure to deal with, very quick turn around on answer my questions and explaining things in a way that would make sense to the average Joe. I would definitely consider using Daniel again for my tax prep.”
- Brian G.
- April 09, 2015


“Kind and courteous, quick to respond. I would recommend!”
- Rachael A.
- April 07, 2015


“Dan was excellent – extremely knowledgeable and very responsive.”
- Nicholas B.
- April 07, 2015


“Great experience! Prompt, responsive, knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend!”
- Lori L.
- April 05, 2015


“Daniel is a great guy for my first time round hiring a tax pro! He responds to emails very fast with patience and clarity! Highly recommended! ”
- Bo W.
- April 03, 2015


“Dan was a top notch professional. His communication was timely and his work was as well. A pleasure working with him even though taxes are less than pleasureable.”
- Jacob B.
- April 02, 2015


“Daniel was very responsive and answered all my question politely. If you are on F1 or H1b Visa ans want to file you taxes, Daniel is the the guy to do your taxes. ”
- Anish L.
- April 02, 2015


“Dan was very helpful in resolving a tax issue for me regarding a property I surrendered in bankruptcy and advising he on how to handle the 1099-A”
- Susan O.
- April 02, 2015


“I spoke to Daniel on the phone and he has been very helpful going beyond what I was expecting. Amazing experience :)”
- Filippo D.
- April 01, 2015


“It was first time I needed to do taxes, I was on temporary worker visa (H-1B) and non-resident for tax purposes, my wife was on H-4 visa and also nonresident. Initially I wanted to do taxes myself or use some online services, I managed to fill 1040NR-EZ on my own, but it was a lot of time investment to read all these instructions, online services I found had some limitations (no state return). Then I found this service, my coworker recommended me Daniel, and it was very easy and straightforward process thereafter. Daniel was quick, responsive, explained what exactly he was going to file in my case, the whole process took very few of my time, I only needed to scan some documents, fill simple questionaire and then review the work and approve the filing. I have already recommended him to my other coworker.”
- Aleksei P.
- March 30, 2015


“Daniel Dagley was just the tax professional I needed to sort my taxes for me. With a foot in two countries and a rental property, my tax situation was more complicated than most and I needed a lot of help. He gets stellar marks for knowledge, timely followup and his ability to explain more than few areas that I had trouble understanding. I would recommend him without reservation and plan to tell my Expat friends in particular about him as well as my friends and family living in the U.S. ”
- Elizabeth H.
- March 26, 2015


“Daniel helped me file my taxes on my J-1 program. My situation was a bit odd since I joined my employer in December at the end of financial year and I had a lot of tax deducted on my joining bonus. Daniel took care of everything with due diligence. He took care of all J-1 intricacies and made sure everything is in place looking at the complete picture of the situation I was in. I didn’t have option of e-filing so I had to file manually. Daniel took care of everything as well as responded to all my queries in a very timely manner. ”
- Sharjeel Q.
- March 26, 2015


“Daniel is very responsible and responsive. Did a great job on my tax return. ”
- Cao C.
- March 24, 2015


“Great experience and would recommend to anyone. ”
- Shibin L.
- March 20, 2015


“Great work. Answered all questions and filed quickly. ”
- Heidi S.
- March 18, 2015


“Dan was great to work with. I especially appreciated how responsive he was to questions! I had a new tax situation that was complex and he make sure we both had the information needed.”
- Barbara K.
- March 17, 2015


“Dan handled our multistate and federal return quickly and accurately. Will use him again in the future, hands down.”
- Scott H.
- March 16, 2015


“Daniel was very helpful and knowledgeable about my situation. Considering my OPT status on a F-1 student visa, I was looking for someone helping me to file the appropriate documents and also find out about the FATCA regulations between the US and Europe (e.g. foreign assets declaration). Not only did Daniel initially provide me advice on these matters for free, he also reviewed several documents unrelated to filing my taxes without any service fee. Highly recommended and I am looking forward to filing my taxes with him again next year.”
- Hubert S.
- March 16, 2015


“Fantastic Job again Daniel, Many Thanks. Edward”
- Edward H.
- March 10, 2015


“Responsive, works well and available on the phone.”
- Maxime D.
- March 10, 2015


“Quick response, he was able to ensure I got the refund I was hoping for!”
- Jeff P.
- March 10, 2015


“Learned more about my tax situations in 1 hour than in dozens of past consultations with other accountants.”
- Andrew
- March 08, 2015


“It was great working with Dan. He always followed up quickly and finished my taxes very thoroughly and quickly. I will use him again next year.”
- Michelle H.
- March 04, 2015


“Excellent service by Dan”
- Ross H.
- March 03, 2015


“I have had such a great experience working with Daniel. He was prompt and professional. He helped me understand this whole process. ”
- Heather S.
- February 23, 2015


“Wow. Fast, and I’m getting money back!! This was a great experience. I would absolutely use him again. ”
- Marni S.
- February 23, 2015


“Mr. Dagley was awesome. Being that I am a contractor working overseas and have a complex tax situation this year, he was able to complete my taxes with ease. In fact he saved me a lot of money from the way I was going to file. Mr. Dagley is very knowledgeable and knows what needs to be done. He is very professional and prompt with responses. I would recommend him in a heart beat. Thank You very much Mr. Dagley.”
- Craig H.
- February 20, 2015


“Great to deal with, quick and responsive………got me the refund I wanted – Thanks Dan!”
- Anne R.
- February 19, 2015


“Daniel is a dream to work with. Very responsive to all my questions and finished the work without delay. Thanks!!!!! ”
- Janet F.
- February 19, 2015


“Swift, responsive service for an unusual tax situation with minimal involvement by me. Very nice. ”
- Soeren B.
- February 19, 2015


“Daniel Dagley, CPA is the best. I had an absolutely positive experience. He was always available for all my questions! Thank You So Much!!! I received all the help I specifically requested!”
- Roberta V.
- February 18, 2015


“Daniel Dagley is working correctly, speed, professonal. I like his work.5 star CPA pro. Thank you Daniel.”
- Encen Z.
- February 13, 2015


“Daniel Dagley helped me see benefits I was not aware of to better help my tax return. Lesson to me….leave taxes to the pros. ”
- Rachel M.
- February 10, 2015


“Daniel is extremely responsive and helpful – I’ve enjoyed working with him.”
- Corey G.
- February 06, 2015


“Great experience! Thanks so much for all of your help!”
- Robert A.
- February 05, 2015


“very fast thanks”
- Nathaniel C.
- January 29, 2015


“Excellent work as always his response is fast and very professional i will continue working with him”
- Gabriel S.
- January 21, 2015


“Mr Dagley is a very responsible person …made us feel great I will recommend my friends and family ..Thank you”
- Francisco S.
- December 19, 2014


“Dan was very responsive and answered all my questions in detail. He prepared and filed the taxes in a short notice. I strongly recommend Dan.”
- Sandeep S.
- December 13, 2014


“Excellent experience! Dan was quick, easy to get a hold of, and thorough. He quickly helped me clarify the tax question I needed answers for, told me exactly what to send him, and let me ask as many questions as I needed.”
- Juan-Pablo Velez
- December 08, 2014


“I had to redo my taxes for 2011 because the Turbo Tax software did not work appropriately for partial year state taxes. Dan was able to calm me down and explain every step of the process. In addition, he worked over the Thanksgiving break to make sure it was completed on time and called me to make sure I was comfortable. If it wasn’t for Dan, it wouldn’t have been done right. Thanks, Dan.”
- Benjamin B.
- December 02, 2014


“I had a great experience with Daniel! He was very easy to work with.”
- Corey G.
- November 11, 2014


“Absolutely fantastic service. Highly knowledgeable, went the extra mile. Super prompt service and nice detailed explanations if you need them.”
- Veeral K.
- November 06, 2014


- Carl Erskine
- October 21, 2014


“Daniel is very responsive. He answered my questions right away. He was also very patient. I highly recommend him.”
- Carmen I.
- October 15, 2014


“Excellent work. Thanks”
- David E.
- October 15, 2014


“very pleasant.”
- Buren C.
- October 15, 2014


“i am very happy with his quick service and his communication skills. Will be so happy to use him again next year.”
- Sally W.
- October 14, 2014


“Dan’s work has been impeccable from start to finish. My husband and I live in Bermuda, so we need to submit many different tax forms which require complicated calculations as well as thorough tax code knowledge. We were working with someone on the island who was unresponsive and gave us bad advice (let alone charged us a hefty sum). We are so happy to have found Dan as he has shown professionalism and earned our trust from the get-go. Dan always responds in a speedy manner (typically within a few hours, and at most within 1 business day). Dan has been able to answer all of our questions thoroughly and has shown in-depth knowledge of the required tax documents which need to be filed for expatriates. Dan gave us a complete 23-page tax return within 1 week and was available for follow up questions. We will be working with Dan going forward – Dan will be preparing our taxes whether we remain in Bermuda or move elsewhere.”
- Vanessa V.
- October 14, 2014


“Quick, knowledgable and efficient. ”
- Shete M.
- October 13, 2014


“Dan actually turned this tax season into a positive experience for me. An amazing professional, always accessible and patient, he was able to explain complicated tax laws to me so that I felt invested and aware. Such a pleasure. I would strongly urge anyone to reach out to him. ”
- Kathleen O.
- October 11, 2014


“Dan is great! He was extremely helpful, very responsible, and has a very laid back manner that took the stress out of filing my taxes out of the equation. I am so happy that I was matched with Dan. Thank you!!”
- Pamela R.
- October 11, 2014


“I am very satisfied with Daniel’s work. I reached out to him because I spent half of the year out of the country and my case included foreign income, dividends, stocks. He knew exactly what do to with them and even though I contacted him close to the deadline he finished easily in time.”
- Gabor D.
- October 10, 2014


“I recommend daniel to the comunity is excelent profesional and always is ready to help with problems”
- Gabriel Sapot
- September 29, 2014


“I had a difficult time to do my taxes as well as back taxes. As an Expat, Dan knew how to do the expat taxes and would highly recommend him. I hope to use him next year as well.”
- Paul Harrington
- September 26, 2014


“amazing. I am an international person with zero tax knowledge. If you have lived in several countries, I highly suggest working with Daniel. The turbotax website user interface to manage this whole process was also very easy to work with. ”
- Yoko Colby
- September 25, 2014


“Dan was great. He easily managed my complicated overseas tax filing in a fast, efficient manner.”
- Jennifer Wood
- September 24, 2014


“I appreciate that Daniel was able to quickly and thoroughly respond to an unusual aspect of my tax return, and help move the process forward. He was very diligent in keeping me informed and advised. I will definitely work with Daniel again in future years. Thank you!”
- Melanie Alexander
- August 24, 2014


“Daniel was professional and responsive as well as getting our taxes done very quickly. I would definitely use his services again.”
- Miriam (Mimi)
- August 21, 2014


“Daniel listens well and is very patient. He explains things well and provides options and solutions.”
- B Lippold
- June 21, 2014


” Dan was very informative and understanding especially because this was my first time dealing with my partnership tax return. If I did have an issue, he was quick to address it. Definatly will use his services again.”
- Denia
- May 28, 2014


“Great Work Daniel, particularly with my difficult overseas situation. Hope to work with you again next year.”
- Edward Heim
- May 27, 2014


“Easy to work with. Considerate and knowledgeable. I plan to work with Dan again next year.”
- John Utter
- May 11, 2014


“Daniel was amazingly quick and efficient doing a tax amendment for me even though I only left 3 days before taxes were due. Very fair price especially considering that I was attempting to do them myself and got so frustrated that I finally decided any amount would be worse than trying to figure them out myself. Very prompt initial contact….less than an hour after I submitted the request, I received a call from him.”
- Julie In Californial
- April 18, 2014


“I had a very good experience with Dan. He was very pleasant and got my taxes finished and e filed very fast. ”
- Rebecca Kyer
- April 14, 2014


“Great experience working with Daniel. ”
- David Gonzalez
- April 13, 2014


“Work was done properly. Would recommend Dan for future tax work.”
- Gilford Wells
- April 06, 2014


“very patient and knowledgeable. Was able to help and fix our tax problems”
- Richard Levin
- March 23, 2014


“Dan is very easy to work with, and very helpful. I will recommend Dan to my friends. ”
- Shibin Li
- March 22, 2014


“We are extremely pleased by the level of quality that Daniel provided us. He responded in a very timely manner. His work gave us assurance that everything was well taken care of. We definitely highly recommend him to everyone who needs assistance with their tax matters.”
- Sakura Collins
- February 26, 2014


“Dan is an excellent CPA. I am going through family changes and Dan has worked with me to understand the tax changes and make sure that I minimize my taxes. I recommend using him as a CPA for your taxes. He is very professional and responsive. My experience dealing with him was fantastic. ”
- Duilio
- February 06, 2014


“Dan helped me with my taxes last year. I had a new job at an international organization and he helped me with the new forms and schedules that I had to file. He did a great job explaining to me how my tax situation had changed and helped me understand the new way I had to file going forward. I highly recommend using him.”
- January 31, 2014


“I met Mr. Dagley last Spring and he was able to assist in refilling an older return for 2011. He was able to explain what occurred and able to perform the tax forms for both Federal and for Maryland for me . Within a short amount of time he was able to complete my paperwork. I had to file via Snail Mail only because it was a refilled, if it was a new filing he would have done it online for me. He provided copies for my records and able to clear my mind about having it done correctly. Thank you for your assistance.”
- Angela
- January 31, 2014


“Dan is awesome!!!! He made what I thought would be a huge headache into a really simple process. He explained things to me in a language and way I could easily understand. He was willing to go above and beyond from our first meeting. I would highly recommend him to anyone!”
- Carly, Professional Organizer
- January 23, 2014

“Daniel Dagley is a fantastic CPA. I work for an international organization and because of that I have a complicated tax situation. Dan took the time to go through my unique situation and made me feel very comfortable throughout the process. I highly recommend working with Dan as a CPA. ”
- Evelyn
- February 03, 2014